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Knowledgeable Home Inspectors


We are a Minneapolis business serving local counties and surrounding areas.

As the owner of OTM Home Inspections, I will personally inspect the house you wish to make your home.

I have a construction and engineering background which allows me to look for and find any deficiencies which may affect your purchase and ensure your family's safety.

We Notice the Little Things


Knowing of all the little problems you may be left with after purchasing your new home can be helpful, but it's the big things that can be costly and impose a safety risk to you and your family.

We inspect every facet of your home from the top of the roof to the foundation and even that shed in the backyard.

We inspect the integrity of all the plumbing, HVAC and electrical components that are accessible in the home.

Our expertise and safety inspection will guide you to any major expense that you may need to plan for if there is a major issue with the home.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction


Our professional report will outline any deficiencies with easy to understand explanations and clear photos.

Our report can be emailed to you within hours of the inspection to allow you to confidently continue with the home buying process.

Our goal is to let you know what condition your new home is in and whether there is anything that needs to be addressed immediately.

Our Services

Full home Inspection


Almost no home is going to be perfect including new or recently built homes.

We inspect the whole home and any previous improvements made in years gone by. Our service also includes a review of any city/county permits that may of been required for any improvements made.

Radon Inspection


Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas and comes from the natural breakdown (radioactive decay) of uranium in the soil.

Health officials have determined that radon gas is a carcinogen that can cause lung cancer.

It is very common to have small traces of radon gas in many Minnesota homes. 

For an additional fee, a preliminary radon inspection can be done to alert you of any potential problems in basements and crawl spaces. If results are a concern, a complete test and official report can be made and available in as little as a week. 

Excessive levels may require a mitigation system to be installed.

Our Reporting Process


Our full featured reporting software allows us to present the results of your home inspection in easy to read and clear photos in just a few hours.

The report can be emailed to you and can be read on your phone, tablet, or a computer.

The full report is printable but for ease of use a shorter highlights page can be printed for your records.

If you have any questions regarding the final report, you can call and have anything that may be worrying you explained so that you are fully aware and prepared to go ahead to closing.

Please let us know a little about the home you wish to have inspected in the comments section below to allow us to give you the best possible price. Thank you for visiting our site

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